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about me

I would have been called Finn…

Buuut my English dad (whom I sadly haven’t inherited a suave accent from) looked at the initials: F.O. Foxtrot. Oscar. AKA Fuck Off. Brilliantly, my mom and he decided to put Jens in front of it so now it’s J.F.O. Just F-… yeah, you get the gist, but nuance is important and that’s why you get justfreakinolsen.

So hi, I’m Jens, 24 years alive. Now with that origin story you were obviously interested in out of the way, here is something that you might want to know about me:

I have been called a social experiment and I am totally ok with that. I love creating concepts and campaigns that are something different. Do my concepts have quirks? Sure, that’s part of the charm. Will they stand-out? Absolutely. Oh, I also write copy. In any format. Shrt. (Where’s the ‘o’?) Looooooong. (Ah, there it is.) And mostly in an informal, humoristic way -although I can pull on some serious heartstrings if you need me to.

Now, if you like what you see/read/think then let’s connect and experience me with a bit more nuance. #callbacktothefirstparagraph


2021 Junior Copywriter @ Born05

2020 Junior Copywriter @ DDB Unlimited

2019 Junior Copywriter @ Switch Talent Program

2019 Creative Intern @ DDB Budapest

2017 Creative Intern @Woedend!

Brands I worked for: KLM •  Toyota • MG • KIA • Riedel Taksi • McDonald’s • Pepsi • Lay’s Chips • Centraal Beheer Achmea • ASN• CarNext • Leaseplan • NVM-Makelaars • The Netherlands Red Cross 


2021 Cannes Young Lions Design (Shortlist)
2019 JongeHonden NPO 3FM Pitch (Gold)
2019 Viltjesavond Rabobank Pitch (Gold)
2019 Switch Pitch PricewaterhouseCoopers (Gold)

Brainstorming is like unleashing legions of canaries on tons of coal mines without the moral ambiguity


– Me, just now. | +3161 5375 459 | LinkedIn