ASN | Goed-van-Pas Plantenrekje

Project description

ASN Bank is phasing out its ASN Digipas. The device is no longer needed to make online payments. Now left with a bunch of plastic devices, this sustainable bank decided to collaborate with the Better Future Factory to upcycle their stock into useful plant racks. To have something to grow ASN also partnered up with Sprinklr who would sell the plant rack along with a seedling. 

This product needed a name. It was dubbed the Goed-van-Pas Plantenrekje because it’s both useful and literally something good made out of the (Digi)passes. Now with a new name came a series of posts to promote our upcycled upstart.


Brand: ASN Bank

Agency: Born05

Copy & Storyboard: Jens Olsen

Design: Zeferino de Fretes

Motion Design: Jesse Otten