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Miscellaneous. A fancy way of saying: “Here you’ll find the various pieces of work that I want to share but are just not big enough to dedicate an entire page to.”

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Toyota Proace City Radio Commercial

Note: Audio is Dutch

The target audience for this van is business owners who operate in and around busy cities. It’s small enough to maneuver through tight streets while large enough to deliver an entire load in one go.

Voiced by: Ruud de Wild

ASN Sustainable Gift Guide

The Sustainable Gift Guide of ASN Bank is the perfect tool to find a gift that shows that you care about the person and the planet. I wrote the script with the insight that giving a gift might even feel better than receiving one.

Valentine's Day

The new revolutionary SpiroCross AX-J

I was tasked to adapt the video of the original Spirocross for SpiroTech’s latest innovation. For this video, I tweaked the script and storyboard to match the Spirocross AX-J. But in essence, I basically gave an old video a new coat of paint.

Fanta x Pathé Horror Night

I was part of the team that had the pleasure of developing a horrifically fun experience: the Fanta Trick or Treat Street. During the Pathé horror night, influencers and other movie-goers were invited to brave this dark alley based on the Fanta Commercial to collect some treats. Jump-scares and screams galore in this Gen Z brand activation. ?